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Kaleb Offers Funding for New business or Real Estate Deals

Do you have a new business or deal that needs funding? Did the Bank turn you down already?

More than just a loan

We do more than just loan money, we provide insight and help with seeing the project through to completion.  No one benefits from a business failing or a deal falling through. In some cases will settle for a percentage of ownership in the company vs. a percentage rate.

Interest rates?

Most Rates are based off of short term financing, the goal is to get the business operational, then move into fixed long term financing with a bank. Rates start at 8% and range to 14%.

Approval Conditions

No prior Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, or Repossessions.

Personal Credit must be above 600

Debt to income should be under 50%

The strength of the deal can stretch these farther.

You must have at least 10% of the cash for the deal. 

Applying does not effect Credit.